About Us

Our History

With over 40 years in the tourism industry, we know a thing or two about travel. At SilverLining Cruises and Tours, we love helping people travel and we’re passionate about social and environmental causes. So, we combined our desire to affect positive change in the world with a travel agency. SilverLining…the travel agency with a social conscience. Making the world a better place…one trip at a time. Our cornerstones are Travel, Education, Stewardship and Community.

Our Mission

To enrich, inspire and enchant the human spirit through travel. To contribute a percentage of SilverLinings’ net profits to support grass roots non-profit organizations that strive to effect positive social or environmental change.

Our Vision

Businesses typically measure performance in terms of profit; social entrepreneurs also measure positive returns to society. As travel entrepreneurs our objective is to support socially and environmentally conscious grass roots non-profit organizations while providing exceptional travel experiences for our clients.

SilverLining is designed with the belief that our minds, hearts and spirits are endowed with the intelligence and wisdom to create a better world. With each step we take as individuals or in collaboration with our non-profit partners, we can join in supporting a global shift toward social, cultural and environmental transformation. Through our actions and our collaboration with like-minded individuals we are able to create a ripple effect that can help to transform people and communities for the betterment of humanity and for the responsible stewardship of our Earth.

Our Company

To provide our customers with the best travel options, SilverLining is a member of CLIA (Cruise Line International Association), NACOA (National Association Of Cruise Oriented Agencies), and ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents). 

SilverLining is also a C Corporation, a registered California Seller of Travel #210-6205-40 and is insured by AON / Berkley.

Our Team



In my journeys and explorations in over 35 years in the travel industry it has been a privilege to work in a variety of positions. Through the years I have worked in hotel sales / operations, receptive tour operator, officer on board cruise ships, district cruise sales manager and as a professional tour director. During that time I have seen missed opportunities to simply educate ourselves, to learn about who we are, our collective environmental / humanitarian concerns, or even ancient tradition that we could incorporate into our own daily lives.

Why do I believe in silver linings?
My family history has taught me to always look for the silver lining. Therefore, several basic beliefs have driven how I experience life both personally and professionally. First, we must take care of our Mother Earth. Secondly, I believe that human diversity is an asset to be celebrated and cherished. There is a need for equality, justice in standing up for those that can’t, the importance of truth and living life authentically. I believe that we are all placed on this Earth for a purpose. It is our collective responsibility to participate in building bridges of understanding and respect for mankind and its environment. It is through service and stewardship we will find the common ground for present and future generations. Finally, I believe travel more than ever is a key that opens a door to an internal and external exploration into our hearts and minds. There is an inherent strength and power that is unlocked by connecting with one another that can help to transform a troubled world.

It is my belief, when you travel or give or receive a gift, we open the door to creating a silver lining that collectively strengthens our own individual light beacons to be a positive force to inspire, enrich and enchant the human spirit.


Amy noble

Traveling for me has been a greater teacher than anything else in my life. It has taught me that regardless of culture, religion, status or sexual orientation that we all deserve to be loved and that devaluing anyone based on fear and ignorance creates darkness in our world. That darkness makes war thrive, makes slavery still continue to this day and keeps people who love each other unable to say lawfully recognized vows in front of their families.

In my work at the International Tour Management Institute (ITMI), Joan and I teach a class on Human Trafficking Awareness. It is within this class that I see first hand how shedding light on darkness can happen in ways big and small. I see the darkness lift from eyes and hearts connect to others suffering across our city, our country and our world.

Through SilverLining we are able to directly impact issues like human trafficking. We are able to, through travel and products, give to non-profits who are on the ground making a difference in the world.

I truly believe in silver linings. I believe that through love, light is created, that light is powerful and each step we take towards caring for each other makes the darkness recede. I believe that each day there is a choice for kindness, for connection and for a smile. I believe in the transformational power of travel and how those experiences can change us to the core by shattering stereotypes, by creating meaningful bridges with others…and how one trip at a time we can make a difference in ourselves and in the world.



Annemarie Osborne 

In his book, “Travel As A Political Act,” Rick Steves notes that we can either travel to enjoy a hedonistic experience or we can travel to learn about other places and other cultures, and there is a place for both.

As an immigrant to America, I experienced painful prejudice and discrimination. I was merely a child, yet I began to believe that I must be evil, or why would my classmates beat me and call me names. Over the years, I learned to blend in and to be accepted. Nevertheless, my early childhood experiences shaped a burning desire to make a difference in the world by helping to break down the barriers that ignorance erects.

While I have only worked in the tourism industry for the past six years, I have traveled throughout much of North America and Europe, while working as a documentary producer. Each experience touched my spirit and expanded my consciousness. Meeting new people and listening to their stories made me realize that by simply having an open mind, we are all able to contribute to the creation of a more peaceful world.

SilverLining allows me to fulfill my lifelong dream of making a contribution to the world. By providing people with an opportunity to enjoy life-enriching travel, while at the same time, supporting the work of socially responsible non-profit organizations, we can truly change lives…one trip at a time.



Janet Keddell

It is hard to remember a time when I wasn’t what is currently known as an environmentalist, but my support has mostly been monetary donations coupled with a little letter writing. It is difficult to maintain hope for a better world with the often overwhelming, difficult news stories that come our way. SilverLining is a chance to make a difference in a more active way. I hope that you will join with us to have memorable experiences, broaden your knowledge base, and help to increase our depths of understanding and compassion. We need peace to break out in a sustainable world.

My professional background is in medical technology in a clinical laboratory. I spent most of my career in the Buffalo, NY area, first in a hospital setting and then in managerial positions in private laboratories.


 Ulla Salafrio 

My first love for travel came at an early age with my first experience at 11 years old moving to the United States from Sweden with my parents on board a cruise ship. Now, looking back at over 40 years in the travel industry, I have had the privilege to sail on 43 cruises and to have lead a variety of tour groups as a certified professional tour director. It is important to me today, to utilize my extensive knowledge in a meaningful way. By helping fellow travellers find ways to expand travel horizons at SilverLining, I am able contribute in helping to create meaningful change to social and environmental non-profits.

I first started in the travel industry right after school, working for major airlines in the areas of reservations and passenger service from Manhattan to Kennedy Airports. From there I taught for the New York State vocational travel program. Later I moved with my family to Florida and worked for a startup company heading up the training department that became one of the largest tour companies in the U.S. I have been fortunate to have travelled extensively by land and sea in the United States, Central and South America as well as Europe.