Aerial Predators


Founded in 1992 Aerial Predators and Ecology is California’s most established bird of prey program, which is dedicated to raptor conservation through education in schools as well as through intergenerational cruises and tours. Our 501(c)(3) status is pending.

The mission of Aerial Predators and Ecology is to educate children and adults about birds of prey, also known as raptors and to teach them about their habitats and the important role they play in the environment. Raptors hunt and feed on other animal and are very important for the functioning of a healthy ecosystem. Protecting them means that many other species including humans are also safeguarded.

My name is Joe Roy III, I began working with birds of prey when I was a young boy and presented my first hawk lecture – “live” hawk included — in 1973…I was in the fifth grade. It is truly a thrill to see the contagious excitement when I showcase these birds to schools, civic organizations and other groups. Seeing these birds of prey up close creates a powerful impression. It makes learning about their habitats and their vital place in our ecological system much more interesting and relevant.

Over the years, I have enjoyed sharing my passion for these amazing creatures with tens of thousands of people. My presentations incorporate my extraordinary birds of prey including hawks and owls. Many of my birds have been featured in books, magazines and on television. I am an avid falconer and am currently one of the most widely published and acclaimed authors on this subject.


“I am honored that Aerial Predators and Ecology has been chosen as a SilverLining environmental affiliate. The support from this partnership will help us to broaden our reach in educating more children and adults about the important role these amazing birds play in our lives and in the lives of future generations. The birds and I look forward to meeting you on a customized SilverLining cruise or tour.”

Joe Roy, III
Author, Speaker, Founder, Aerial Predators & Ecology