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Our Trips

In addition to custom travel, SilverLining offers our own unique line of adventures. We develop fun, unique and engaging travel experiences that ignite passion and inspire planetary and humanitarian stewardship.

Just imagine traveling the world with fascinating authors, lecturers and naturalists while helping others. Picture yourself exploring Alaska with a local wildlife expert and unlocking the mystery of how your thoughts become reality. Traipse across the Galapagos to be awed by the wonderment of this amazing planet! Or connect with all generations of your family as you learn about nature together in hands-on experiments and experiences.

Stay tuned for more journeys and opportunities to travel, discover & give…

“I believe travel gives us an opportunity to gain new perspectives, experience different lands and cultures or simply have an amazing chance encounter along the way. SilverLining has been formed with the belief that through these gifts to ourselves, we can create silver linings for others.”

Joan Keddell, President/Founder
SilverLining Cruises & Tours