Trafficking in Amerca


Trafficking in America Task Force is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are a grass roots organization with a national focus and numerous partners around the country. Since 2004, we have dedicated ourselves to creating awareness about the reality that each day, men, women and children are sold into sexual slavery, solely for the profit and pleasure of their perpetrators; and that forced labor trafficking of both adults and children is a fact of life in America.

Working with faith-based and community-based organizations, we help to develop and implement educational and outreach programs that help to create the awareness necessary for individuals to take appropriate action, when they see any suspicious behavior or circumstance.

Our ultimate goal is to help eliminate the trafficking of children, women and men in America, and to create a culture for our children that is free of sexual exploitation and slavery; a culture where the intrinsic value of each person is recognized and protected.

“It is inspiring to know that SilverLining Cruises and Tours is committed to supporting the work of the Trafficking in America Task Force, by giving back a percentage of its profits to help sustain our important work. Since many victims of trafficking are transported by planes and trains, or exploited in hotel rooms, the tourism industry is in a position to make a significant impact in helping to eradicate this horrific crime. The SilverLining business model promotes the dignity and value of each individual by supporting the change agents who are courageously championing a better world for all.”

Yvonne Williams
Co-Founder & President, Trafficking in America Task Force