Human Thread

WHO WE SUPPORT: Human Thread Foundation


The Human Thread Foundation is an international organization founded by acclaimed humanitarian photographer Lisa Kristine. The mission of the foundation is to educate the public and drive awareness about human dignity and human trafficking through interactive exhibitions, educational programming, and global awareness campaigns.

  • Building Awareness

  • Promoting Education

  • Inspiring Action

  • Creating Change

We envision a world that is unified through imagery – where one can educate one’s mind and foster compassion. We seek to ignite ideas that promote understanding and build a bridge of global peace. Human connection and the importance of respect in our world are central to our vision; we hope to create and distribute compelling visual storytelling about humanity that brings the world closer. We inspire connection, education and change. We aspire to touch and enhance the lives of millions of viewers worldwide through our work.

The Human Thread Foundation encourages values such as integrity, compassion, collaboration and commitment through engagement with our partners, our supporters, and most importantly, the subjects featured in our work. These are values that contribute to respect and peace, locally, nationally and globally.